Labský důl (Labský důl valley)

U Dvou kocourů, where to next?

On foot:

13.7 km (4 h 54 min) on the blue hiking trail (starting at the bus station).

By car:

Go from Harrachov to Horní Mísečky, 38 km (33 min drive). The Labský důl valley is located 7.3 km from the local car park (2 h 35 min walk). You can also use the cable car from Mísečky to Medvědín.

The Labský důl valley forms the heart of the Giant Mountains set in the strictly protected first zone of the National Park. Its centre is defined by the River Labe, still in the form of a wild mountain stream, along which you will be guided by a blue hiking trail. The lower part of the trail follows the historical Harrach’s trail built at the end of the 19th century as the first attempt to make the wildest part of the Giant Mountains accessible.

A relatively challenging trek through the Labský důl valley will give you an idea how the landscape was shaped by a massive ancient glacier. On the diverse eight-kilometre route, you will walk through a rocky moraine, sharp winding path with stunning views of the ravine, and gather your breath while relaxing at the largest waterfall of the River Pančava.