Pančavský vodopád (Pančavský Waterfall)

U Dvou kocourů, where to next?

On foot:

12.1 km (4 h 30 min) on the blue hiking trail (starting at the bus station) to Labská chalet, where a red trail branches to the waterfall.

By car:

Go from Harrachov to Horní Mísečky, 38 km (33 min drive). The Pančavský Waterfall is located 4.2 km from the local car park (1 h 45 min walk). You can also shorten the journey with the cable car from Mísečky to Medvědín.

The Pančavský Waterfall, with a record height of 148 metres, is the king of Czech waterfalls. It comes down in several cascades from Pančavská louka meadow near Labská louka meadow and falls in violent impacts to the bottom of the Labský důl valley.

Like the Labský Waterfall, the Pančavský Waterfall used to be regulated using a retention basin, but along with its inclusion in the highest protection zone, it is currently left only to the power of nature. If you want to plan a truly monumental sight, visit it at the time of snow melting in late April to early May.

You can combine the trip with several other tourist destinations in the area, such as the nearby Labský Waterfall, the memorial of Bohumil Hanč or a vantage point called Ambrožova.