Rhenish Riesling 2016

late harvest, dry, Mikulov - Pod Mušlovem

340,- Kč

Wine of straw-colored color with higher viscosity. The aroma is very rich with the noticeable tones of dried garden fruit. The taste is spicy with tones of orchard fruit and distinctive minerality. Perfectly match to the trout with lemon sauce.

Welsch Riesling 2016

late harvest, dry, Březí - Walnut Mountain

370,- Kč

Wine from the legendary „Walnut mountain” in Březí. The old shrubs have been able to stand out to the unique Palava subsoil and especially its minerality. The wine was aged in oak barrels. Perfectly match to roasted pork on herbs.

Chardonnay 2016

late harvest, semi - dry, Mikulov - Pod Mušlovem

320,- Kč

Wine of golden color, in the smell we can find riped apples, pineapple and pear. The fruity taste is illustrated by the sophisticated tones of the oak barrel. Excellent with duck steak.

Gewurztraminer 2016

selection of grapes, semi-dry, Mikulov - Pod Mušlovem

360,- Kč

Wine with golden-yellow tones. Pleasant smell of mineral salinity and floral-fruity aroma of violets and tea roses. The taste is rich with spicy tones, complemented with acacia honey. It’s great with ceasar salad.

Pálava 2016

selection of grapes, semi-sweet, Mikulov - Pod Mušlovem

430,- Kč

A golden yellow wine with an excellent floral aroma and a touch of meadow honey, the taste is very extravagant, full of yellow melon and dried fruits. Ideally match to  pancakes or pancakes with whipped cream.


Cabernet Sauvignon 2016

late harvest, dry, Mikulov - Pod Mušlovem

340,- Kč

Fine ruby red color. Spicy fruity aroma with undertones of woody. The elements of black currant, gooseberry and raspberries dominate. Pleasant higher tannin with a long and spicy finish. Excellent with rib eye steak.


Chardonnay 2016 - KVEVRI

Moravian region wine, dry, Mikulov - Pod Mušlovem

370,- Kč

The crushed grapes were ageing for six months in the clay amphoras in our kvevri house in Bulgaria. The wine isn’t filtered or refined and is bottled with the lowest adding of sulfur. Wines excel by naturalness and organic expression. It's great with a venison goulash.

Kvevri wines are aged at least for six months in clay amphorae buried in the ground. It is a 6000-year-old Georgian method. Wines are characterized by a specific orange and rose color, higher alcohol content and low acidity and residual sugar.