Nový Svět 134, 512 46, Harrachov

Wine list


  • 0,75l VELTLÍNSKÉ ZELENÉ 450,-

    Late harvest, dry, Mikulov - Za cihelnou

    A greenish wine with golden notes. The aroma is fruity, full of lime and citrus. The taste combines fruit with a tropical, spicy bouquet and juicy acidity.

  • 0,75l RYZLINK VLAŠSKÝ 470,-

    Late harvest, dry, Mikulov - Pod Muslovem

    Light golden in colour, the aroma is pleasantly harmonious, reminiscent of green gooseberries and quince. The taste has a strong minerality and fresh acidity.

  • 0,75l TRAMÍN ČERVENÝ 490,-

    Selection of grapes, semi-dry, Mikulov - Pod Mušlovem

    A wine with golden-yellow shades. Pleasant aroma with mineral salinity and floral-fruity aromas of violet and tea rose. The is rich with spicy notes, complemented by acacia honey.

  • 0,75l TRAMINER – KVEVRI VÍNO 490,-

    Moravian wine, dry, Mikulov - Pod Mušlovem

    The ground grapes were aged for 6 months with the skins in clay amphorae buried in the ground. This is a more than 6,000-year-old Georgian method. The wine is not filtered or clarified, and is bottled with minimal sulphur. The wine stands out for its natural expression, full of noble tannins.

  • 0,75l RYZLINK RÝNSKÝ 490,-

    Selection of grapes, dry, Mikulov - Kienberg

    Light yellow colour with green rays. A pleasant aroma of fresh apples and overripe pears. The taste is distinctive, juicy with lime acidity and a mineral aftertaste.

  • 0,75l RULANDSKÉ ŠEDÉ 460,-

    Late harvest, semi-dry, Mikulov - Pod Muslovem

    A delicious wine with a golden colour. The fruity aroma is complemented by meadow flowers. The wine has a harmonious taste with balanced sugar and fresh acidity.

  • 0,75l PÁLAVA – edice Karel Roden 590,-

    Selection of grapes, semi-sweet, Mikulov - Pod Mušlovem

    Golden yellow citrus colour. A distinctive aroma of tropical fruits and honey, with notes of flowering meadow. Harmonious and full-bodied flavour dominated by notes of overripe apricots and grapes.

  • 0,75l CABERNET SAUVIGNON 490,-

    Late harvest, dry, Mikulov - Pod Muslovem

    Dark ruby red colour. Spicy fruity aroma underlined by woody notes. The palate is full-bodied, dominated by elements of blackcurrant, gooseberry and raspberry. Pleasant higher tannins with a long and spicy finish.


  • 0,75l RULANDSKÉ BÍLÉ 480,-

    Late harvest, dry, Valtice - Hůrka

    Colour green-yellow. Aroma delicate, floral and fruity. Aromas of pears, bread crust and hazelnuts appear. The palate is full-bodied, elegant and has a fairly long aftertaste.

  • 0,75l SAUVIGNON 480,-

    Late harvest, dry, Valtice - Hůrka

    A ripe Sauvignon that opens up to fruitiness. Primarily, however, it appeals to grassy and herbal notes. A full-bodied, balanced wine.

  • 0,75l HIBERNAL 480,-

    Selection of grapes, dry, Dolní Věstonice - U Třech panen

    Intense and pleasant fruity notes. The taste is full-bodied with a higher acidity. Blackcurrant, grapefruit, peach or pineapple can be found in the wine.

  • 0,75l CHARDONNAY 370,-

    Late harvest, dry, Sedlec - Nad Nesytem

    Golden yellow colour with greenish reflections. Notes of orchard or citrus fruits and white flowers. The palate is full-bodied in its youth with strong acidity.

  • 0,75l HELIOS 490,-

    Late harvest dry, Mikulov - Mariánský kopec

    We believe you'll love its taste, which includes light hints of nutmeg and lime blossom.



    The world-famous wine from Tuscany is made only from the Sangiovese grape variety. It has a deep ruby red colour, full body, great structure, excellent balance and persistence of flavour. It has a fruity and floral aroma with spicy notes after ageing in French oak.


    A wine with purple highlights is complemented by intense aromas with hints of ripe plums, cherries and currants. It has subtle spicy notes with an aftertaste of vanilla and cocoa. A well-structured, harmonious, sweet taste.