Nový Svět 134, 512 46, Harrachov

Černý rybník (also called Huťský)

Discover the mysterious Black Pond, where oak logs are prepared in the traditional way for glass moulds. After the walk, you can see glass products in the Museum of Glass in Harrachov.

On foot

1.9 km (33 min) on the red hiking trail.

By car

1.9 km (3 min) to the car park. It is 1.6 km (30 min walk) to the pond from there.

Do you prefer to enjoy the beauty of nature alone without the hordes of tourists? Then you might be interested in a tip for a “secret” place, which you will rather learn about from locals than tourist guides.

Intriguingly beautiful Černý rybník (Black pond) is not very attractive for swimming – and it’s not just the dark colour of its surface. It is still used for the preparation of glass moulds by the traditional method. When the pond is drained of water, oak blocks are attached to the bottom, which, after filling the pond again, ripen for several months in water. When ready, glassblowers cut them into moulds. These can withstand the high temperatures of glass melting due to the acquired moisture.

After a walk, you can see the delicate beauty of products made from oak moulds in the Museum of Glass in Harrachov.

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