Nový Svět 134, 512 46, Harrachov

Elbe Waterfall

The Elbe Waterfall measures 35 metres and is surrounded by 200 metres of wild rocky rapids. The lookout above the waterfall offers unforgettable views, including the historic sluice that once amplified the flow of water. In winter, the waterfall transforms into a magical frozen scene, but don't step on the ice.

On foot:

11.8 km (4 h 25 min) on the blue hiking trail (starting at the bus station).

By car:

Go from Harrachov to Horní Mísečky, 38 km (33 min drive). The Labský Waterfall is located 5.4 km from the local car park (2 h 6 min walk). You can also use the cable car from Mísečky to Medvědín.

The Labský Waterfall measures an impressive 35 metres and is followed by another 200 metres of wild rocky rapids. A blue hiking trail from the Labský důl valley to Labská chalet leads there.

The unforgettable view of its cascades opens up above the Labský Waterfall, where a floodgate remains as a memory of the time when the former owners of Labská chalet could use a retention basin to intensify the waterfall. Nowadays, the entire zone is strictly protected, but the wild beauty of the waterfall will surely captivate you even without artificial regulation.

Like the Mumlava Waterfall, it freezes in winter and turns into a magical scenery, but do not enter the ice surface – only a thin layer on the surface is frozen.

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