Nový Svět 134, 512 46, Harrachov

Mumlava Waterfall

Mumlava Waterfall, 10 metres high, is one of the most beautiful in Bohemia. Its uniqueness lies in the granite depressions called "giant pots". Try a dip in the cool water or visit the waterfall in winter and admire the icefall.

On foot:

2.7 km (55 min) on the blue hiking trail (starting at the bus station).

By car:

1.3 km (4 min) to the central car park at the Harrachov bus station. A 1.6 km hiking route goes from here (26 min).

The 10-metre-high waterfall on the River Mumlava is one of the most beautiful and most sought-after waterfalls in the Czech Republic. It rightly boasts several Czech “bests”.

Are you asking why it has earned these superlatives? Its uniqueness lies in its many granite depressions with a diameter of up to six metres in the direction of the flow, which are aptly nicknamed “giant pots” or “Devil’s eyes”. Ready for an icy challenge? You can try bathing in the pot yourself. To overcome yourself, clench your teeth and dive into the cool water is definitely worth the unique experience. But be careful, the depressions are perfectly smooth and the strong current can be treacherous.

If you go to the waterfall in winter, you can, with a little luck (and frost), be amazed by the spectacular icefall.

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