Nový Svět 134, 512 46, Harrachov

Rack railway (called zubačka)

Discover the mysterious Rose Garden in the Giant Mountains, an irregular stone circle resembling a rose flower. Its origins are shrouded in mystery, with theories ranging from a cult place of the people of the ash fields to the romantic legend of the Comtesse Rosena. The garden is also the site of rare medicinal plants.

On foot

3.1 km (1 h) from the main road on the red hiking trail to the Harrachov train station.

By car

3.4 km (7 min)

The adrenaline ride of the steepest railway line in the Czech Republic is offered by the Tanvald – Kořenov – Harrachov rack railway. The former engine overcame this mountain section with a cog wheel. Today’s trains no longer need it, but you can indulge in a nostalgic experience during one of the frequent historical rides of the original train.

Twelve kilometres of tracks run through five tunnels and offer such a unique experience that its part of Tanvald – Kořenov has been declared a cultural monument. In this section of just seven kilometres, you will exceed 235 altitude metres and maybe fight light dizziness as you cross the 26 metres high bridge over the River Jizera.

And when speaking of records, you can extend the trip to the Polish mountain resort Szklarska Poreba. You will then experience another “best”, the highest situated Polish railway station Jakuszyce.

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