Расширенное летнее меню


150g Grilled duck breasts with salad

mixed greens, dressing, orange

159,- Kč

300g Mixed-leaf salad with beetroot and goats cheese

lettuce combination, dressing, beetroot, goat's cheese, nuts

169,- Kč

200g Jacket potato with sour cream and fried bacon

quark, sour cream, bacon, spring on ion, parsley

115,- Kč

100g Grilled Hermelin cheese with cranberry sauce and mixed-leaf salad

mixed greens, cranberries

139,- Kč

150g Thinly sliced chicken steak, vegetable couscous

139,- Kč

300g Tagliatelle with pork tenderloin strips and mushroom sauce

159,- Kč

Hot forest fruit

forest fruit, vanilla ice-cream, whipped cream

95,- Kč


lced coffee

79,- Kč

0,3 Home-made lemonade

see offer

49,- Kč

0,3 Virgin mojito

mint, lime, soda, ice

75,- Kč

0,3 Kofola

30,- Kč


0,2 Aperol Spritz

85,- Kč

0,2 Fangalo Rosé Spritz

Fangalo Rosé, soda, ice

59,- Kč

0,2 Campari Orange

Campari, orange juice, ice

85,- Kč

0,3 Mojito

Havana rum, mint, soda, lime, ice

95,- Kč

0,2 Cuba Libre

Havana rum, Coca Cola, ice, lime

85,- Kč

0,2 Morgan + Coca Cola

75,- Kč

0,15 Fangalo Rosé

40,- Kč

0,15 Prosecco

59,- Kč

0,3 Spritzer

Fangalo, soda, ice

55,- Kč

0,33 Frisco see current offer

45,- Kč

0,2 Gin + tonic

89,- Kč

0,25 Beton

Becherovka, tonic

75,- Kč

0,25 Bavorák

Fernet stock, tonic

75,- Kč

Information about the allergens contained is provided by the operator upon request of the customer.